Little Buddies! Mini Soap & Sticker Trio by Michael Clifton

"Every winter, my grandmother and my aunt used to send my family huge boxes of tangerines from the trees at the ranch. One sniff takes me right back to the holiday season."

About the Artist:

Michael Clifton is one of Broadway's most sought after makeup artists, having worked on shows like The Lion King, Kinky Boots, and West Side Story. "Mikey" is also a beloved illustrator, animator, and graphic artist who uses classical drawing, painting, and paper collage techniques in the digital space to create everything from advertising, music videos, face masks, and now soaps!

“Having worked with ‘Broadway's Michael Clifton’ as my Associate Makeup and Tattoo Designer, for West Side Story, I'm thrilled we could team up again to create the Little Buddies! Mini Soap Trio. Mikey is one of the most delightful people I've ever known, and his Oracle Jayne Station soaps are just as fun!" -Andrew Sotomayor


The Little Buddies! Mini Soap Trio features three 1.25 oz bars that are perfect for all hands big or small, family friendly organic tangerine and lemongrass essential oils, and collectable stickers featuring baby animals native to Arizona. The kit fox is surrounded by saguaros, the quail chick is with prickly pear cacti, and the cottontail bunnies are napping under the chaparral shrubs, which they also enjoy eating and happen to be the signature plants in the Oracle Jayne Station El Arroyo perfume! The Little Buddies arrive "nesting" in an unbleached, reusable, recyclable kraft paper box.

Key Ingredients

  • Kid friendly organic tangerine essential oil - Subtle, refreshing, and bright. My favorite smell as a kid!
  • Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter - Moisturizing, skin smoothing. Ethically sourced.
  • No artificial coloring.

Full Ingredients

Saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic Fair-Trade certified shea butter, and organic castor seed oil; water; sodium lactate; organic tangerine essential oil; organic lemonbalm essential oil; organic turmeric. 

Why Oracle Jayne Station

Named after the street in Tucson, Arizona where my father grew up, the ranch on Oracle Jaynes Station Road is where I got to spend part of my summer vacations. Fragrances have always been marketed based on memories, emotions, and experiences. Rarely do they actually have anything to do with either. Usually, what’s inside the bottle, contains very little from the natural world. Oracle Jayne Station challenges all that.

Everything I make is about genuine moments in my life, and an authentic heritage. My first drafts of Oracle Jayne Station fragrances were created for friends in 2014. The signature scent, El Arroyo, is inspired by the smell of the desert after it rains, and the sight of the creek running behind my grandparents’ ranch.

Brand Values

Every Oracle Jayne product is made from scratch with superior essential oils and tinctures from organic or wild sourced plants, extracted using CO2, cold process, steam distillation, and organic cane alcohol. No synthetic chemicals, excessively processed, expeller pressed, or harsh solvent extracted ingredients. No gluten, preservatives, artificial colors, imitation scents, artificial fragrances, or pre-made formulas. No “private label” products or “melt-and-pour” soaps. Whenever they can be found, Fair-Trade certified ingredients are used, including our shea butter and raw sugar. No animal ingredients are used and no products are tested on animals. Packaging is simple and recyclable.