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About Oracle Jayne

Named after the street in Tucson, Arizona where my father grew up, and where I got to spend part of my summer vacations. Fragrances have always been marketed based on memories, emotions, and experiences. Rarely do they actually have anything to do with either. Usually, what’s inside the bottle, contains very little from the natural world. Oracle Jayne Station challenges all that.

Everything I make is about genuine moments in my life, and an authentic heritage. My first drafts of Oracle Jayne fragrances were created for friends in 2014. My signature scent, El Arroyo, is inspired by the smell of the desert after it rains, and the sight of the creek running behind my grandparents ranch. 

I encourage you to review the labels on all the products. It’s my belief that luxury brands have a responsibility to deliver the best ingredients possible...and for much of recent history, they haven’t. Most of us have only had the chance to smell artificial  or poor quality versions of actual plant fragrances that big companies usually manufacture. This bothers me immensely because, often, we don’t know what we’re missing. It’s like spending a lifetime thinking I didn’t like coffee...until I finally had a really good cup of coffee.

Every Oracle Jayne product is made from scratch with superior essential oils and tinctures from organic or wild sourced plants, extracted using CO2, cold process, steam distillation, and organic cane alcohol. No synthetic chemicals, no excessively processed, expeller pressed, harsh solvent extracted ingredients. No imitation scents or pre-made formulas. No “private label” products.  No “melt-and-pour” soaps. Whenever they can be found, Fair-Trade certified ingredients are used. No animal ingredients are used and no products are tested on animals. Packaging is simple and generally recyclable. 

The quality of an essential oil depends on where the plant is from, what chemicals it was grown with, when it’s picked, and how it’s extracted. Some are amazing. Some are disturbing. Hundreds of versions of an ingredient will exist, sometimes expensive, sometimes costing ten times less...but for good reason. 

Oracle Jayne is pushing the limits of what a perfume brand is able, and willing, to offer its customers. Fragrance is an art. Oracle Jayne is authentic luxury and an experience worth sharing. 

Andrew Sotomayor

About the Founder

Andrew Sotomayor is an Emmy winning makeup artist, born in Texas and raised in New York, who spent his childhood summers in the southwest. 

Before working with Academy Award winning actors, models at New York Fashion Week, and every major magazine, designing for Broadway shows like “West Side Story”, and regularly appearing on live international television, Andrew’s first job in beauty was selling Chanel perfume at Lord & Taylor. 

Having worked behind-the-scenes or as an ambassador for the most successful beauty brands in the world, including Lancome, La Mer, Covergirl, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Cle De Peau Beaute, L’Occitane, Revlon, and others, he is finally putting 17 years of insider experience into his very first product line. The same nuance he’s always put into makeup, is now applied to his perfumes. 

Oracle Jayne Station brings makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor’s life and artistic career full circle, offering you authentically original luxury fragrances and body care made from scratch with organic, wild sourced, and Fair-Trade Certified ingredients, and without the artificial fragrances we’ve been peddled for far too long.