Oracle Jayne Station - Made in America

This afternoon, President Joe Biden signed an executive order updating and strengthening rules pertaining to what is considered a "Made in America" product, and requiring federal agencies to purchase American made products or publicly justify why that is not an option. 

In response, I wanted to share some facts about my business. In short, Oracle Jayne Station is inspired by and made in the United States. Organic, sustainable, and Fair Trade certified ingredients come from around the world, but a core part of building a better luxury brand is sourcing ingredients and components close to home whenever possible. It's all about traceability, quality, and rebuilding our economy. 

-Oracle Jayne Station is inspired by natural landscape of Arizona, where I spent summers visiting relatives. Red Rocks is inspired by Sedona, El Arroyo by northern Tucson, HOWL and HELD by the starry Arizona sky. 
-Organic cane alcohol in the perfumes is distilled in the pacific northwest.
-No "melt and pour", no private label products. Everything is handmade in small batches in the northeast. 
-The recyclable jars for the body scrubs and shea butter are manufactured in the central midwest.
-Essential oils of rabbitbrush,  pinyon, Texas cedar, chaparral, juniper, and soon cliffrose, are grown in the southwest.
-Much of the Native American potterycomes from Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico, and 40% of sales go to American Indian Services to support educational programs, scholarships, and COVID19 relief. 


-Editorial photography for El Arroyo and Red Rocks was shot on-location in Tucson and Sedona in Arizona by Kai Lepley.

-Product labels designed by graphic designer Anthony Kapp in New York.
-Broadway artists, put out of work because of the pandemic have teamed up with Oracle Jayne Station and been paid fairly including a makeup artist and illustrator Mikey Clifton, and dancer Armando Eleazar, and a collaboration with costume designer Jake Poser will be announced this spring. For reference, I am the makeup and tattoo designer for "West Side Story" on Broadway, and my podcast "Masters of Makeup" is produced by lighting designer Ethan Steimel
As Oracle Jayne Station grows, I'm committed to finding more inspiring ingredients grown in the USA, as well as sourcing more packaging and talented collaborator close to home. .
In the meantime, I can say that supporting small businesses, supporting arts workers, and buying American made products is a point of pride. I've benefited from better customer service, discovering new and hard to find ingredients that smell amazing, and knowing that these people above were paid fairly for their work. 
I hope the government will do more in the future to encourage manufacturers and consumers to shop local and buy American made goods whenever possible. 
Thanks for your support!
-Andrew Sotomayor
Founder, Oracle Jayne Station